Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does this program cost?

    All of our services are completely free to all individuals age 16 and up!

  • A friend of mine got a diploma online. May I do that?

    You can study for the high school equivalency test online, and our program can help you get started with that. However, you cannot take the real test online. A program that offers any test online is probably just trying to take your money. A recent article on warns individuals to beware of any company that promises you a diploma via their website after taking a few tests and paying a fee.

  • What is the HiSET Test and is it a real thing?

    In the state of New Mexico, there are now two testing alternatives to receive your high school equivalency credential. Passing either test will earn the same diploma from the state of New Mexico. These tests are the GED® and the HiSET Test. Both are valid tests. You can visit the GED and HiSET websites for more information on these tests.

  • Can I still enroll in your program if I’m 16 or 17 years old?

    Yes, but before you can register with us you will need to bring an Underage Permission/Hardship Form from the last school attended. For Albuquerque Public Schools, please contact the Superintendent of Schools for assistance: 505-855-9042. Visit the APS website for more information.

  • How long will it take me to get my diploma?

    Every person is different. On average, students earn their high school equivalency credential in 6-12 months. However, the amount of time any one person spends in the program depends on his/her entry level, years spent out of school, attendance, participation, and out of class study. After beginning classes, a staff member will sit with you and explain your likely time frame to earn your diploma.

  • I was in the program before, but I had to stop going. May I come back?

    Yes! Call us at 505-907-9957 to begin the re-enrollment process. The process of re-enrolling is different for each person depending on how long it has been since he/she last attended class.

  • Where in Albuquerque can I go to take the GED® or HiSET test?

    Each test has various testing locations throughout the state. You can visit the GED website or HiSET website for testing site locations.